Thursday, February 07, 2008

Quick Political Commentary

I was reading ESPN the magazine and saw this quote from Houston Rockets guard Mike James regarding his support for Barack Obama, "when you see a black man with a legitimate chance to be president of the United States, ho can you not be excited?"

Maybe I'm the only one, but I found this a little disturbing. Are there really voters out there who's only concern when selecting a president is race? Doesn't it matter where he stands on any of the issues? I guess they just balance out all the white supremacists who do the same thing and it doesn't end up making any difference. Still, I would hope that everyone would put a little more scrutiny into their selection process.

Moving on, I find myself surprised at John McCain's success. I like him on some levels, but I really thought that his repeated statements regarding extending the war in Iraq indefinitely had rendered him un-electable. Granted, none of the Republican candidates is very intriguing, but I really think McCain is going to get blown out by either Obama or Clinton.
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