Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New Hair

Oh, I guess I should mention this in case anyone hasn't seen it already, but I finally did break down and cut my hair off. It was back in early December and I've been meaning to throw a photo up but just never got around to it until now. There it is on the right, check out how smokin' hot I am now. And I apologize for the quality of the picture, that's the best I can do pointing a camera at myself.

In honor of the new hair, I would recommend that you all go listen to the song New Hair by Goodness. This particular version was recorded live in Bob's garage. If you haven't heard Goodness before, you're in for a real treat. And I know I've got a reputation for listenening to some pretty hard rock, but Goodness isn't hard rock. Rock, yes, but hard, no. There are also several other quality recordings there that I could recommend, but for now I'll let you peruse them on your own.
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