Sunday, February 03, 2008

Places To See

The Smithsonian Magazine has published a list of the top 28 places to see before you die. I don't have quite that many places I'd like to see, but some of my top destinations are on that list.

Machu Picchu is probably at the top of my list. High up in the mountains of Peru, the ruins are absolutely fascinating to me. And while I love ruins, the views there put it over the top for me. Anybody else who wants to go let me know and we can start planning an expedition.

Next up would have to be the Pyramids of Giza. I love Egyptian art and architecture, and since I saw the King Tut exhibit as a kid, Egypt has been another source of fascination to me.

The Great Wall of China comes in third on my list. It's an architectural marvel. I'm sure you're starting to see a trend here.

Without going into too much detail, I'll rattle off the rest of the list without much fanfare. I'd like to see Teotihuacan, Venice, Tikal, Neuschwanstein, Rio, Hawaii, and I think Juan Fernandez Island. Off the coast of Chile, Juan Fernandez is where Alexander Selkirk was stranded for 4 years, later to become the inspiration for the novel Robinson Crusoe.

I've already been to Detroit and Oakland, so I can mark those destinations off my list. And this list isn't comprehensive. I could be talked into going to Vegas, Tokyo, London, Rome, or a variety of other places. I've been to Copenhagen, but would love to go back. If you haven't been to any Scandinavian countries, you really should book your flight. They are loaded with beautiful women. And since American women have abandoned me, I think I've got to get back to Denmark as soon as possible.

I damn near forgot to include Stonehenge in the list. Although I may have to settle for the replica along the Columbia River in Washington. Or maybe Carhenge.
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