Sunday, February 03, 2008

Not Perfect

Well, the unthinkable has happened, and I'm as surprised as anyone. Is it too early to start talking about a Manning dynasty?

This has to have been the least hyped Superbowl I've ever seen. And the pregame show was so boring I couldn't watch most of it. Ryan Seacrest? Really? A big thumbs down to Fox for one of the worst coverages I've ever seen. How about something about the game instead of an endless parade of crappy celebrities.

The Giants played some unbelievable defense. Tom Brady looked rattled for most of the game, and they kept Moss in check. They also kept the Patriots from getting any kind of running game going. The MVP hasn't been announced yet, but I think it has to be someone from the D. I would say Strahan or maybe Justin Tuck with his 2 sacks.

While I'm happy that the obnoxious Boston jerks won't get to celebrate, there is a downside to this. We will still have to hear about the 72 Dolphins for years to come. I was really looking forward to shutting them up.

Well, they just announced Eli Manning won the MVP. I figured that would happen since nobody really stood out, but he didn't really play an MVP calibur game I didn' think. I saw him throw more than a couple passes up for grabs that his receivers or tight ends went up and got. I guess when you can't decide, you just give it to the QB.

Here's hoping that many a Boston resident cry's himself to sleep tonight.
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