Saturday, February 02, 2008

King Of Kong

I have one word for King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters - awesome. Go out and watch it as soon as possible. It's a documentary about the disputed Donkey Kong world record. Our story starts out in the early 80's when video game legend and total douche bag Billy Mitchell set the Donkey Kong record. That score stood for over 2 decades before being broken by a mild mannered middle school teacher from right here in Redmond - Steve Wiebe.

Now a restaurant owner and hot sauce magnate, not to mention now sporting a super sweet mullet, Billy Mitchell didn't take the loss of his world record well. Initially he disputed the world record, sent some of his goons to Steve Wiebe's house to "examine" his Donkey Kong machine, while Steve was not home, and eventually practiced up in order to reclaim his record.

Not to give up too much of the movie, they swapped records a few more times before the movie was released, in addition to swapping some trash talking. This movie is packed full of conspiracy theories, bad blood, drama, and of course, complete nerds taking video games way too seriously. Add to that the scene which is destined to live on in history as one of the greatest moments in cinematic history - Steve Wiebe trying to break the world record while his very young son screamed at him to stop playing and wipe his butt.

And you can't miss the clip in the middle of the movie of "Mr. Awesome" giving dating tips. Mr. Awesome, by the way, is still upset about his disputed Missle Command world record. Check out his web site here. It's good stuff. Also check out this site with him posing in front of his totally bitchin' Trans Am with his Mr. Awesome vanity plates.
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