Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bellevue Square

I found myself in Bellevue Square over the weekend. It's been a while since I've been in a mall, and I remember now why I don't like going. Several things did occur to me while I was there. First, there are a lot of boarded up shops. Technically the economic downturn hasn't been in effect long enough to officially be a recession, and since we are in one of the better parts of the country, I found that a little interesting.

Second, of the remaining shops, I have little to no interest in any of them. Seriously, how can an oil and vinegar shop stay in business? And how can a shop that sells nothing but candles turn a profit? It's inconceivable.

Third, about half the women there seem to have adopted the high heels with jeans style. It looks a little strange to me, especially since a lot of the young women look awkward walking in heels. I'm ready to see the end of that style.

Finally, it may have just been that particular day, but there were a lot of attractive Asian women there. That's the one thing that might persuade me to return.

Anyway, I was there to go see Jumper. Not much of a plot to speak of, it was kind of a conglomeration of several recent films. There was nothing original in it. The special effects were ok, but nothing, well, special. The ending was very abrupt and unsatisfying, but Samuel L Jackson did play a pretty good villain despite having the worst looking haircut since Dennis Rodman. His hair was white. Not blonde, white.

The bigger problem than the movie, however, was that apparently some 9th grade class was there on a field trip or something. About 15 or so annoying kids, mostly giggling girls, were sitting close to me. Not only could they not stay quiet or sit still, but apparently they also were unable to refrain from text messaging each other during the film. And every time one of them pulled out her phone, it was like turning on a flashlight.

So the lessons learned on the night were: stay away from the mall, wait for Jumper to come out on DVD, and come to think of it, wait for DVD on all movies. Theaters are simply intolerable anymore.
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