Wednesday, January 09, 2008

This Just In ...

According to the Sports Pickle, the BCS has finally agreed to a playoff system. Article copied below for your convenience:

BCS commissioners propose 2-team playoff
Facing mounting pressure to change the current BCS Championship format in college football, the BCS commissioners offered a compromise today, proposing at two-team playoff system that could be implemented as early as next season.“This isn’t the four or eight-team playoff that some people want,” said Ohio State president Gordon Gee. “But it is a fair compromise. We’re going to put the two teams in a bracket. A friggin’ bracket, people – okay? Isn’t that what everyone wants? Now please stop complaining.”The new BCS Tournament will choose the tournament participants with a selection committee in order to be even more like the popular basketball NCAA Tournament model.“It will be just like the NCAA Tournament committee,” said Gee, “only the final decision will be made by the BCS computer. Again, a very fair compromise on our part.”

All I can say is it's about time. It's a relief to see that the BCS can be reasonable and come up with this fair compromise.
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