Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I've had trouble sleeping for years now, and have really gotten to the point that I don't really think about it much anymore, it's just become a way of life. I've gotten used to being tired all the time and all of the other complications that go along with a lack of sleep. But I was talking to a psychologist or a psychotherapist or a psychiatrist or something with psych in the name recently who said that the two reasons people have trouble sleeping are a bad diet or the inability to shut down their mind. I unquestionably fall into the latter category.

This has been rolling around the back of my mind for the last several days, and the more I think about it, the more I realize that I've got a real lack of focus in general anymore. I don't know how often I catch myself staring at my monitor doing nothing at work, or open up a file on my computer and forget what I was looking for. I even get distracted in mid sentence on occasion and can't remember what I was talking about.

I feel that the first step has been identifying the problem. Now I have to start working out how to maintain focus, or how to re-focus myself when I've lost focus. If I can find a way to maintain control over my thought patterns, maybe all of the pieces of my life that are somewhat in disarray will start falling into place. In any case, being able to think more clearly should allow me to be more efficient and find solutions to problems that I haven't been able to work out.

I'm not sure if I want any suggestions on maintaining focus or not. In general, my mind doesn't seem to operate the same way most people's do, so I have the suspicion that what works for someone else probably won't work for me. I think I'm most likely going to have to work out a solution on my own.

I had one last thing to say, but it's gone now. Oh well.
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