Wednesday, January 30, 2008


You know, I was looking at the statistics down at the bottom of the page and saw that January saw my most prolific blogging last year, and so far this year it has been my most prolific month again. The only month I've had more posts than this January is last January. I've been wondering what it is about this month that I'm more opinionated than normal, but I've got a couple theories.

For starters, it's cold outside and I naturally spend more time indoors. But other months are cold too, so that's where the second part of my theory kicks in. November and December there are the holidays and all of the business that goes along with them. In addition to that there is more football to be watched. February is cold too, but a shorter month. Plus we always seem to have one week of unseasonably warm weather in February. October and March are warm enough to spend some more time outdoors.

My second theory is that seasonal affective disorder, or SAD :-( kicks in and in addition to effectively turning me into a hermit, makes me more grumpy and opinionated. That combined with the holidays, shorter months, etc mentioned above that are constants leads me to more time in front of the computer in January. And yes I realize that SAD is a comically stupid name, but the disorder is real none the less.

Those are the only two theories I've got so far. But either way, I'm not done with January yet. I've got a couple more posts in my hat.
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