Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Please End The Writers Strike

After having to watch half an episode of Deal or No Deal today, I am pleading with Hollywood to end the writers strike. I don't know how many more awful game shows or reality shows I can stomach. Enough is enough.

But at this point I would like to pitch an exciting new game show to whatever network executives are reading this. I will readily admit that this idea has been shamelessly stolen from a coworker who's job is being outsourced, but it is too brilliant not to share. I bring you Job or No Job.

It works just like Deal or No Deal except for the fact that this would be entertaining. You round up people who are in danger of losing their job, or are unemployed, let them choose a briefcase containing a job description, and then they would choose from the remaining briefcases which jobs to eliminate. Periodically, the human resources director would offer the contestant a job in exchange for the one in the briefcase he/she chose at the beginning. If you've ever been subjected to Deal or No Deal, I'm sure you get the idea by now.

Howie Mandel: There are still a lot of jobs remaining up on the board. CEO with an annual salary of $500k is still up there. So is testing experimental medication - $10 an hour.

Contestant: I'm confident that I've got one of the good jobs in my briefcase.

Howie: Well, let's see what HR has to say (picking up the phone) .... ok .... I don't think he's going to be happy with that ... I'll let him know. (hanging up the phone and turning to the contestant) The HR director says he will offer you the position of night janitor with an annual salary of $19k for your briefcase. So job, or no job?

Contestant: I'll have to discuss it with my wife. Honey, it's a pretty low ball offer, I think I can do better.

Wife: You've been saying you can do better for 6 months. Just take what you can get and get your lazy ass off the couch.

Contestant: Howie, this may cause some strife at home, but I think I can do better. No job.

So even with this short glimpse, I'm sure you can already see the possibilities. This show would no doubt be a huge hit. All you network execs can now begin lining up to hammer out a deal with my agent. We can get this on the air in no time.
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