Friday, January 18, 2008


This is a far better review of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles than I could have ever written. Here are some of the highlights:

Summer Glau plays a “good” Terminator, assigned to protect teenager John
Connor from the “bad” Terminators who are trying to whack him before he can grow
up and save the world. Scientologists believe the same is true of the Tom
Cruise/Katie Holmes baby. The Terminator legend is more grounded.

In this TV version will John Conner be hunted down each week by a different
Oakland Raider lineman?

If they’re going to use different Terminators, why not have celebrity
Terminators? Wouldn’t you just love to see Ann Coulter shot with bazookas, hit
by a truck, electrocuted with a million volts, and crushed in a vice? Throw in
slow-motion and you have multiple Emmys.

That's some good stuff. Rarely do I read something which makes me laugh out loud. Kudos Ken Levine.
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