Monday, January 14, 2008


I am still unable to rationally discuss the Seahawks loss. Even thinking about it sends me into violent mood swings usually reserved for pregnant women. I haven't been experiencing any strange cravings yet though. Maybe that is still to come.

But since I can't talk about that game, I'll talk about the rest of the playoff games. I couldn't be happier to see the hated Cowboys lose and Terrell Owens weep like a school girl. That really is heartwarming. I didn't enjoy seeing the hated Patriots win, but since that was really a foregone conclusion, can't get too upset about that. I thought that the Jags had a pretty solid D, but Brady absolutely shredded them. It really was pretty impressive. I still hate him though.

The Colts loss was the most disappointing of the remaining games. I really like Tony Dungy and think he is a classy guy and hope that this wasn't his last game. But the biggest reason I like the Colts is because I think very highly of their owner - Jim Irsay. My Grandfather had an old war buddy that was on the USS Indianapolis which, long story really short, was sunk in WWII and the crew was left floating in shark infested waters for 5 days before being rescued. Only 316 of the 1,196 men on board survived. Well, several years ago, Jim Irsay paid out of his own pocket to have all of the remaining survivors flown out to Indianapolis for a reunion, and in addition to that, every time the Colts were in Seattle, there were a pair of tickets to the game waiting for my Grandfather's friend courtesy of Mr. Irsay. That man is a class act in my book and I've been a fan of the Colts because of him. And it is for that reason I'm sad to see the Colts eliminated. Plus the hobbled Chargers are going to be completely over matched against the unstoppable Patriot juggernaut.

To get back to the Seahawks, all I can talk about now is the off season moves. I'm still undecided on whether or not we should cut our losses with Alexander or give him one more year to earn his money. We really need some O-linemen and a tight end in the draft and I'd rather not have to use up a top pick on a running back. That being said, if Rashard Mendenhall is still available when the Hawks pick comes up, I hope they grab him. That guy is exactly what they need, a power runner with just enough speed to take it all the way if he breaks a couple tackles. Once he's wearing Seahawks blue, it will be easier to say good bye to Alexander.
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