Monday, January 21, 2008


Since it seems that I am incapable of finding a woman on my own, I'm considering doing what was once unthinkable. Signing up for eHarmony or some such dating service. I know it smacks of desperation, and I have my doubts about it's effectiveness, but it seems that using conventional methods, I'm only able to find women who like me, but I'm not really attracted to, or women I like a lot but couldn't give a rats ass about me. Neither situation seems acceptable at the moment. Perhaps I'm too superficial and should just look beyond physical attraction, but I can't help feeling that I shouldn't have to settle on someone I'm not crazy about. And so I find myself at this crossroads. Do I stick to traditional methods that so far have gotten me nowhere, or do I swallow my pride and accept the stigma that goes along with online dating? I'm not quite to that point yet, but I'm inching closer with each passing day. Is there some third option that I haven't yet considered?
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