Monday, January 28, 2008


This could turn out to be a long day at work. There was about an inch of snow at my place (in Redmond) this morning and it was still snowing lightly when I left. I figured that it would warm up and melt off during the day and therefore be safe to go to work. Well, after about 45 minutes, my bus had made it almost a half mile thanks to a nice hill and a solid layer of ice underneath the snow. I should have gotten off the bus and gone back home, but the bus finally fishtailed it's way to the top of the hill and hit some level ground and things went pretty smoothly from there.

Well, now I'm looking out the window and it's snowing like crazy and I'm beginning to wonder if I'll be able to make it home tonight. I didn't bring any skis so I'll be relying on public transportation. I also didn't bring a pillow or blanket, so I hope I don't have to spend the night at the office.

I have differing reports on the storm's progress coming in. One of the managers is saying that it will be over shortly and not to worry. Someone else is saying that it is quickly turning into a class 5 kill storm. I believe that's a term usually only used by meteorologists. The only sure thing at this point is that I'd much rather be at home playing some video games and sipping on some hot coffee. Perhaps with a blanket draped over me.

It this is my last post, you'll know that the storm got me. If that happens I'll see what I can do to blog from beyond the grave.
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