Tuesday, December 18, 2007

UW Fires Defensive Coordinator

I'm a little surprised it took this long, but yesterday the Huskies fired defensive coordinator Kent Baer after having the worst defense in school history. Also on the chopping block was the TE and special teams coach. I'm not sure the defensive problems were entirely his fault, some of those DB's are pretty bad, but it still needed to be done. He probably should have gotten the axe before the end of the season.

In other college football news, the bowl season officially gets underway this Thursday with the who gives a crap bowl featuring two teams nobody wants to watch. It's time to get rid of the bowl system and get a playoff going. There are way too many bowl games anymore and all you have to do to get in one is post a .500 record. I like the bowl tradition, but it's so diluted now that it's become meaningless and it's time to scrap it. The first game I care about this year will be Alabama vs. Colorado on December 30. Roll Tide!
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