Sunday, December 30, 2007

Circuit City Made The List

The enemies list that is. I received a copy of the Simpsons Movie for Christmas that I knew was from Circuit City since there was a sticker on the cover touting the exclusive Circuit City content contained within. Well, I was given the full screen addition and thought that exchanging it for the wide screen edition would be a pretty easy task. It turns out I was mistaken. I can't believe I'm the first person to ever try to exchange something shortly after Christmas without a receipt, but it sure seemed that way. To the best of my recollection, the conversation I had with the young girl behind the counter went like this:

Me: I'd like to exchange this for the wide screen version of the same movie.
Her: Do you have a receipt?
Me: No
Her: Do you know the phone number of the person that gave it to you?
Me: Yes
after a few seconds of typing it into the computer...
Her: Ok, do you know what day they purchased it?
Me: No
some more typing...
Her: Do you know if they paid cash for it?
Me: I have absolutely no idea.
Her: Hmm ... I'm not finding it here, let me go talk to my manager.
At this point she disappeared in the back for a couple minutes. When she came back she said: Ok, we can exchange that, just go over and get the one you want and bring it back here. Do you know where they are?
Me: (pointing) I assume right over there in the DVD section.
Her: Yes
I returned shortly with the wide screen version and...
Her: Can I have your phone number in case something happens with this one and you need to bring it back?
One fake phone number and some more typing later, I did manage to exchange one unopened copy of the DVD for another copy of the same title. What I expected to take 2 minutes tops ended up taking at least 10 minutes. And for giving me so much hassle for what I consider to be a very simple and reasonable request, they have made my enemies list. I advise all of you to discontinue shopping there, and if you know anyone that works there or just happen to bump in to an employee, heap scorn and derision upon them, because otherwise they won't learn nothin.
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