Sunday, December 30, 2007

Streetcorner Evangelist

While I was in downtown Seattle today, I saw a group of people on the street corner holding up a pretty sizable sign proclaiming something about God (I honestly didn't read it closely enough to remember the details anymore) and shouting as loud as possible at everyone walking or driving by to repent. Now I'm a Christian myself, but even I had to fight the urge to go over and tell them to shut the f*#@ up. And I'm a little surprised that they weren't assaulted, although to be fair, I wasn't in sight of them for long and they may well have been later on. Regardless, I am always shocked to find that there are still people who think that belligerent yelling and sign waving is an effective means of persuasion. And yet I see it all the time when there is an election coming up. Is it just me that takes offense at such annoying tactics? Does this actually work on some people? It has the exact opposite of it's intended effect on me.

And maybe it was because of this that I got home and had the urge to listen to Bleed The Freak. So here you go - enjoy Layne Staley in all his drugged out glory.
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