Wednesday, December 19, 2007

He's Not Johan Santana

......but the Mariners are expected to announce any minute now that they've agreed to terms with Carlos Silva. This move already has me salivating. We don't have to give up anything other than cash to get him, he's a relatively young 28 years old, and he eats up a lot of innings. Add to that a respectable 4.19 ERA, despite a mediocre 13-14 record, he should put up better numbers in pitcher friendly Safeco Field with a more potent offense backing him up. We are rumored to be offering him a 4 year deal, and I'm sure I'll have to blink myself back to consciousness when the dollar figure is announced, but whatever that figure is, it's almost sure to be worth it. This is a huge boost to the pitching staff, and one more average or better pitcher to take Horacio Ramirez's spot in the rotation could very well make the M's contenders next year. That is as long as the hated Bill Bavasi doesn't trade off too much young talent in the acquisition of another pitcher. If, as has been rumored, he deals Adam Jones and Brandon Morrow for anyone other than Johan Santana, I will tear out his black heart and eat it, thereby consuming his courage. His tasty, tasty courage. At this point I will close by reiterating: give me Johan Santana! And don't trade Morrow and Jones you big, evil jedi looking idiot.


Here's a better story from the P.I.
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