Thursday, September 25, 2008

Everybody Hates Ichiro?

According to the latest news, a "clubhouse insider" said that the rest of the team hates him and at one point there was even talk of several players ganging up on him and administering a beat down. While I'm certain that he's arrogant, I still find it very hard to believe that this is true. I think it's a made up story by a sports writer with an axe to grind who'd like to see Ichiro traded. But since the only player to come out and defend Ichiro was JJ Putz, who knows. Firing up a couple brain cells, I can't think of too many suspects who might have said that. Carlos Silva has been pretty vocal about his dislike of some of the guys in the clubhouse, but since he's been outspoken, I have a hard time believing he'd turn anonymous now. The only other player I can come up with is Erik Bedard, but that's just because he seems like a jerk who would hide behind anonymity. But then again he never talks to the press. So what's the consensus, is there any truth to this story or is it complete b.s.?
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