Friday, September 25, 2009


I believe that a new movie genre has been created, the zombie comedy, or zomedy if you will. Sure, there were some unintentional comedies - like any of George Romero's sequels to Night of the Living Dead or 28 Days Later - not to mention some low budget films which had to rely on comedy to compensate for the lack of special effects - see Dead Alive or Chopper Chicks in Zombietown. But it wasn't until Sean of the Dead came along that the zomedy genre, in my mind, was really born. Since then, films such as Dance of the Dead and Black Sheep came and went and now the big budget release Zombieland is set to take the nation by storm.

For starters, this movie does not look good and violates one of my cardinal rules of cinema: don't watch a movie starring Woody Harrelson. He was in the outstanding No Country For Old Men, so I can't say don't watch anything with him in it at all, but I think it's pretty safe to put a cap on him appearing in 10% of the scenes. More than that and you'll regret it. But I digress. The point really is, this is a pretty shallow shaft that has already been well mined. How much more can they milk it before it's not entertaining anymore? I guess the answer to that will come in about a week when we see how well Zombieland is received. I have yet to see a review, but I don't expect to see many good ones.

On the other hand, If You Were A Zombie may never get stale. Or maybe I just haven't looked at it recently or often enough to grow tired of it. Either way I'm glad to resurrect an old favorite.

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