Thursday, September 03, 2009

Sleeping Like A Baby

I have been thinking about the phrase 'sleeping like a baby' lately. It's current usage in society seems pretty inappropriate and inaccurate. Everyone I know with a baby will not hesitate to tell me that they haven't slept well in months because the baby keeps them up all night. There's nothing restful or desirable about that. I think I actually do sleep like a baby and that it's time to change the meaning of the phrase to more accurately describe sleeping habits. Like a baby, I regularly wake up several times during the night - often crying and wishing I had a nipple to suck on.

The problem then becomes that by redefining the meaning of 'sleeping like a baby' we are left without an accurate cliche to describe a deep restful sleep. Sleeping like a log doesn't really work since logs are not know to have a great deal of REM sleep, which experts say is necessary for a restorative rest. Putting a great deal of thought into who or what I regularly see getting a deep sleep, my mind turns to all of the indigent population that I frequently see passed out drunk and resting so peacefully that it is often difficult to arouse them from their slumber. Just look here. And so I propose the phrase 'sleeping like a hobo'. I am open to other suggestions though.
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