Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I'm a pretty big fan of photography despite the fact that I'm a pretty lousy photographer. So it made me happy to find not one but two sites recently with some pretty spectacular photos. First is the Smithsonian magazine web site which has several captivating space photos. In particular I was really awe struck by this photo from the Cassini space probe orbiting Saturn of the planet eclipsing the sun.

Today I stumbled upon an amazing photography blog titled Stuck In Customs. In particular it's about HDR, or High Dynamic Range photography. I didn't post a photo here primarily because I really couldn't narrow it down to just one to share. Some are absolutely breathtaking and others are a bit surreal and odd looking, but they are all fascinating. From what I've read, HDR is an editing process that uses software to bring out more radiant colors and contrasts. Anyway, the blog is kind of a photo travelogue with pictures from all over the world. I'll tell you right now though, once you start looking at the photos you might suddenly realize that an hour or so has slipped away from you.

And now, for no apparent reason, one of the greatest music videos ever filmed: Safety Dance! It combines all the excitement of a Renaissance fair with, well, dancing. And a midget. Or is it a dwarf? I'm ashamed to say I forgot which is which.

Okay, according to Wikipedia, a midget is proportional and a dwarf has shorter arms and legs but a normal adult size torso and head. Based on that, it appears that the little person in the video is in fact a dwarf. The costume makes it a little difficult to tell for sure though.
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