Monday, November 24, 2008


The History Channel likes to take advantage of movie releases by putting out shows with the same subject matter. I typically enjoy these shows and was happy to come home from work today to find the true story of the upcoming film Valkyrie. Despite the increasingly crazy Tom Cruise playing the lead and being supported by Bill Nighy, who I have previously derided, I'm still pretty interested in the movie based on the subject matter. Bryan Singer seems to be a pretty solid director though, so I'm pretty confident that this will turn out well.

Thanks to Monday Night Football, I haven't watched the History Channel special yet, so I'm going to have to enjoy it later. Based on past experience, I have high hopes for this as well and am a big advocate of familiarizing yourself with the true account before seeing the Hollywood version. It is no doubt very well done, so be sure to check it out. I have no doubt that it will be airing several more times before the release of the film. Also, be sure to watch this featurette on the upcoming film. It's a large file and may take a few minutes to load so be patient.
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