Saturday, November 15, 2008

I Hate Petros

Papadakis that is. I don't know who he's got dirt on to not only have gotten hired by Fox Sports, but to keep his job announcing PAC-10 games, but it must be some really good dirt. Not only does he have an annoying, nasally voice, but he's dumb as a post. He even looks like a tool.

Petros played fullback for USC and his bias is evident. He clearly has his schools he fawns over and schools he hates. Washington is one of the schools he doesn't like and he constantly makes snide remarks about them, occasionally pausing to express his man-crush on Jake Locker. He mispronounces names on a regular basis, and his analysis is anything but insightful. I've had all I can tolerate of this idiot and he really needs a good solid c*ck punch. It's time to get him off the air.
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