Thursday, November 13, 2008


With the announcement of the glorious, if ill advised, return of Matt Hasselbeck, I've realized what the Seahawks most need. Since Seneca Wallace hasn't worked out and Charlie Frye has been abysmal to put it mildly, what we really need is a spare Hasselbeck. That's why it's time to sign Tim Hasselbeck. I don't know if he's still a back up somewhere or if we need to coax him out of retirement, but we need a replacement Hasselbeck ready to step right in and take over when Matt inevitably reinjures himself because he wants to come back early and save a horrible season against his doctor's advice to sit out the rest of the year. I hope that doesn't happen, but I can see it coming. So it's time to get Tim on the roster and up to speed as soon as possible. And maybe assassinate Charlie Frye while we're at it.
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