Tuesday, August 11, 2009

They're Just Pets

I know very well that the little corner of the world we live in is pretty eccentric to put it politely, but that doesn't mean I still don't see the occasional thing that makes me shake my head. A growing trend that I find disturbing is the people who are unable to make the distinction between children and pets. It starts as referring to their pets as their children - relatively harmless until it progresses to stage two - dressing their pets. That is legitimate cause for concern and if no one intervenes could lead to nutjobs leaving their possessions to their pets in their wills.

Today I witnessed a new branch on the tree of dementia. Walking down first avenue I saw two creepy women walking the opposite direction pushing strollers. Inside one of the strollers was a dog, inside the other was two dogs. What the hell is wrong with people that the can't even let their pets walk for themselves? Not only do dogs actually like to walk and get exercise, it is pretty cruel to prevent them from getting any. Not to mention that they can't sniff what they want. I find this even creepier than Paris Hilton carrying her dog around in her purse.

Rounding out my day today was a nerdy drunk kid who appeared to be about 16, pudgy, and badly in need of either a hair cut or a comb. While waiting for the bus he walked up to me and extended his hand, and when it became apparent that ignoring him wouldn't make him go away, I popped out my ear buds and gave him my 'explain yourself' look. He introduced himself and insisted that I shake his hand, and proceed to tell me not to take any shit from anybody. I said ok, hoping that would be the end of it, but he repeated himself. Again I said ok and this time added a nod. Either believing that the third time is the charm or that I wasn't taking him seriously (I sure wasn't), he repeated himself yet again. And yet again I said ok, this time more slowly. This did the trick and he went away but left me wondering why people won't just leave me alone. I don't know what it is, but apparently normal people like me are absolutely fascinating to those with altered brains.
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