Thursday, August 13, 2009

RIP Les Paul

And so it is that we lose another legend. Les Paul died today at the age of 94. Best known for inventing the solid body guitar that now bears his name, both his playing and his inventions changed the landscape of the music industry. I have nothing more profound to say than has already been said, so I'll simply leave it to those more suited to comment than myself. The world will be a little darker place without him.

"Les Paul was truly a 'one of a kind.' We owe many of his inventions that made the rock 'n roll sound of today to him, and he was the founding father of modern music. This is a huge loss to the music community and the world. I am honored to have known him." - BB King

"Les Paul set a standard for musicianship and innovation that remains unsurpassed. He was the original guitar hero and the kindest of souls. Last October I joined him onstage at the Iridium club in [New York], and he was still shredding. He was and still is an inspiration to us all." - Joe Satriani

"Les Paul was a shining example of how full one's life can be; he was so vibrant and full of positive energy." - Slash

"Without Les Paul, we would not have rock and roll as we know it," said Terry Stewart, president of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. "His inventions created the infrastructure for the music and his playing style will ripple through generations. He was truly an architect of rock and roll."
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