Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Bottom Rack

....the gift that keeps on giving. My last two trips to Costco, after putting everything in my car, I've taken the shopping cart to the corral to find a gift left for me on the bottom rack of a cart already there. Last time I came away with a free case of bottled water. Today I scored a take and bake pizza. Both times I took a look around to try to locate the rightful owner of the afore mentioned items but to no avail. I kind of feel bad for the person who left it behind, but then I remind myself that it is most likely one of the oblivious people who like to stand around and block an entire aisle, seemingly unaware that they are inconveniencing everyone around them. Plus, by the time they get home and realize that they left something behind, they aren't going to drive all the way back for a pizza. Especially not this one that doesn't even have any meat on it, just some tomato slices and pesto sauce. Luckily for me I have some meat in the frig and can fix that problem.

Now I'm considering not shopping at Costco at all, but rather periodically driving through the parking lot and scavanging the items left behind in carts. One of these days I'm hoping to find an LCD TV. Or maybe some of those big muffins. I love those. Since I've officially tipped you off to this phenomenon, I expect a commission on any windfalls. I have yet to have any luck at non-Costco stores, but you never know.
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