Monday, August 24, 2009

Low Score

The crowning jewel of Jerry Jones decadent homage to his own ego - the $40 million scoreboard suspended above the center of the field - is too low. In Saturday's game against the Titans, punter A J Trapasso bounced a punt off said scoreboard. Despite the fact that during tests 2 years ago, Cowboys punter Mat McBriar sent kicks more than 100 feet high, Jerry Jones decided that 90 feet was plenty high. And in a moment of sheer hubris, Jerry's reaction to all of this is to deny that the scoreboard is too low and petulantly pout that the Titan punters were hitting it on purpose. Shame on them.

It remains to be seen whether the NFL will coerce Jones into changing his mind or simply over rule him and out and out force him to raise the board, but one possibility intrigues me. Since hitting the board results in a re-kick with no time added back onto the clock, a team with a narrow lead could repeatedly boot the ball into it until time runs out. Hopefully it will be a visiting team that tries that.
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