Friday, August 28, 2009


Friday is brought to you by the porkmobile. I'm not sure what it's really called - something unmemorable like Maximus Minimus, which is far less catchy than the porkmobile - but it's always parked on the corner of 2nd & Pike around lunchtime. I've never eaten there, primarily because of my aversion to eating at establishments which can just drive away when the health inspector shows up, but also because it always has a long line and because $8 a sammich is pushing stadium prices. Oh, and because the bald girl with a pierced nose (and God knows what else *shudder*) kind of creeps me out.

These things not withstanding, it's still an interesting place and I applaud the modifications made to their mobile sammich unit. It's quite eye catching, and I also appreciate their homage to Charlotte's Web with their license plate. It's clever marketing, and based on the daily lines I assume that their food is good based on the aforementioned lines. I'm not likely to give it a try though, particularly with cheaper, more stationary, closer places like Mad Oven BBQ. But if I hear enough rave reviews (none so far) you never know, I may end up there one day. At least it's an improvement on the police mobile oppression unit (RV) that I've seen parked there many a time.

I did manage to track down some more photos as well as some reviews. I take online reviews with a grain of salt, however, and couldn't make it past the person who used the term, "delish." Not only is that an instant loss of credibility, but anyone using that term deserves a good bitch slap for being a hipster doofus. I think that one review just ruined my whole day and destroyed any remaining faith in humanity.
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