Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Random Thoughts

As I was washing my frying pan this morning, a thought occurred to me. Nothing sticks to teflon, so Spiderman would be almost completely powerless against someone coated in teflon, so why did he never have to fight a villain named Teflonman? Is it a brand name and there are trademarks involved or something? Or did that villain exist and I simply don't know about him because I've only seen the movies?

From there I moved on to wondering: if pro is the opposite of con, is prostitution the opposite of constitution? And is it illegal because the two took opposing views on the stitution issue? That's the government for you, stamping out any opposing perspectives.

Finally, in an attempt to add one more useless app to an already overcrowded cell phone app market, I wonder if there is a rotary phone app. It might help to integrate some technophobes into the modern age. Also it would give all the youngsters who never had to dial a rotary phone some old timey fun.

I also feel that the term 'old timey' is not used frequently enough these days.
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