Friday, March 25, 2011

Comcast At It Again

Recently I mentioned that Comcast is doing it's best to defend it's title of Worst Company In America as voted on by readers of The Consumerist.  Well, it gets better.  Now, rumor has it, Comcast has sent memos to all of it's employees encouraging them to vote for their opposition in the first round - Charter Communications - Chicago style (early and often).  I've talked to enough Comcast CSRs to know that at least the folks working in the call centers hate their jobs, and I wouldn't be surprised if a majority of the remainder of the employees felt the same way.  If they don't give their customers any respect, why would they give their employees any either.  Anyway, as you may have guessed by now, this backfired in a big way.  The first round poll is now closed and Comcast crushed Charter, garnering nearly 84% of the vote.  The only blowout more lopsided in this round was scored by BP. 

The true gem of the article was this little insight that I couldn't have worded any better myself:
But reigning Golden Poo holder Comcast has decided that, rather than actually do anything about the problems that make it a perennial favorite
It's just laughable that their response to poor service is never to address the issues and make improvements.  As if strong arming employees into voting in a poll is going to make customers forget that they have been screwed by Comcast in the past, or that changing their brand to Xfinity will make people think it's a whole new terrible company instead of the same old one.  It's sad really.

Well, they've advanced to round 2 where they will face off against Best Buy and no doubt crush them handily.  Other than having employees with no real knowledge or training, I've had no issues with Best Buy.  But what do you expect from minimum wage staff, it's not really any different service than I'd get at any other large department store.  Comcast will continue to steamroll the competition in this poll until they run into the unstoppable BP buzzsaw.  Bank of America is the only company that will even keep it close with BP, but even taking the homes away from thousands upon thousands of people will be enough I'm afraid.  Stay tuned as the competition continues.
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