Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March Madness

It's that time of year again, time to fill out your brackets.  No, not your NCAA tournament bracket, but the Worst Company in America bracket, brought to you by The Consumerist.  There are some solid contenders this year, a few banks, BP, Facebook, but my money is on Comcast retaining their title.  I believe they are the top seed for their decades of abysmal customer service, and frankly the only people I know who have never had an issue with Comcast are the people who have never had their service.  Although they are matched up against Charter Communications in round one, a company that my parents had a great deal of trouble with before they decided to just cancel their service and live with whatever programming they can get over the air or the internet, so maybe the whole industry is a mess.  It's going to take a very strong showing though to beat out BP after the disaster this year.  I see Bank of America as a very strong contender as well, with their massive foreclosures and penchant for nickel and diming you to death with ridiculous fees.  I'm surprised that Lehman Brothers didn't make the cut despite their recent shenanigans, but perhaps they haven't directly effected enough individuals to gain wide notoriety. 

To be honest, many of these companies I haven't heard any major complaints against, so I assume they are also rans just thrown in there to fill up the bracket.  Really any large company is going to have it's fair share of complaints no matter how good a job it does.   I think it will boil down to just the few big favorites mentioned above. 
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