Thursday, March 31, 2011

More Photography

As promised, here are a couple more pictures from the album. This album is titled Fall Foliage. This first picture was taken from my deck on that dry day we had back in November.  Today not a single leaf remains on that tree.
This second photo comes from about a quarter mile down the street.  I didn't get the time of day I was hoping for, but if memory serves me correctly this was taken the day after surgery and I wasn't concerned enough about lighting to wait around for perfect conditions.  I was just glad to have blue skies, and I think it turned out pretty nice anyway, particularly since this was taken with my phone.  I really like this because it brings back fond memories.  Back when I was still working in Redmond, I would take this road home from work every afternoon, and for a good stretch of the fall, it would be just the right time of day that the sun would be behind the trees, the street would be covered with leaves, and it would all have a beautiful golden glow.  These days I get to take the bus home and have a nice view of traffic and hobos peeing on street corners.  Not that I'm bitter or anything.
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