Thursday, May 28, 2009

Stuffed Olives

My latest obsession has become stuffed olives. I never liked pimentos, but when garlic stuffed olives began appearing on store shelves I was compelled to try them. Now I am truly hooked. It started with just an olive here and an olive there, but eventually that wasn't enough. I was eating them almost daily. And like any drug, this was just a gateway to harder olives. The next thing I knew I was eating bleu cheese stuffed olives and now feta stuffed olives. I've even considered buying some jalapeno stuffed olives. Where will the madness end? I found this site with seemingly no end of various items stuffed in olives. Some sound good, like almond stuffed or Parmesan Romano stuffed. Some sound terrible like mushroom stuffed or anchovy stuffed. And some are downright confusing, like the kalamata olive stuffed. That's right, an olive stuffed inside another olive for that double olive goodness.

Through all my internet searching, there's one item I am unable to find stuffed inside an olive. The holy grail of stuffed olives if you will. And it's so obvious that it should be on every store shelf in the world. And by every store shelf, I mean not just grocery stores and convenience stores, but at your local auto parts store, tanning salon, Christian book store, and Radio Shack. Anywhere with a shelf really. I can only be speaking, of course, of bacon stuffed olives. My only conclusion is that were such a product to exist, it's inherent deliciousness would threaten every other food product known to mankind. The only thing I have been able to find is a recipe for bacon wrapped olives. I may have to whip up a batch of these soon, but it's just not the same if I have to make them myself and if there are toothpicks involved. They should come premade in a jar for me to easily remove and pop in my mouth.
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