Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ow My Toe Says Joh

That's right, Kenji Johjima broke his toe and is back on the DL. At first I thought this could turn out to be good news in that it would force the Mariners to give some playing time to one of their catching prospects, preferably Jeff Clement. But in yet another head scratching personnel move by the team, they instead called up Guillermo Quiroz from AA. Quiroz, at 27, is no longer a prospect, and in 96 career major league games has managed a paltry .187 average. The one wild card I didn't know about was that Clement is suffering from a knee injury which is limiting him to DH, so calling him up wouldn't make much sense, but calling up rising star Adam Moore would. And just so you don't think I'm crazy, the USS Mariner agrees with me for once. But who knows, maybe Quiroz will prove everybody wrong any play great. One can only hope.
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