Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Enough Already

Today's edition of enough already is brought to you by the swine flu. I can't go 15 minutes without hearing something about it. Even when I'm avoiding the media I can't avoid hearing about it. I walked by a tv at lunch today and just glanced at it and saw the completely non-alarmist headline, "Swine flu pandemic immanent!" And beyond that I get emails and here people talking everywhere they go. I haven't seen this kind of hysteria since the bird flu threatened humanity. Before that it was Sars, before that it was mad cow disease, etc...

I looked up the symptoms and it turns out they are the same as the regular flu. You have to go to a doctor to tell the difference. I think the death toll world wide is now up to 7. Will the carnage never end?!? Seriously though, what is the big deal? Why does there have to be a new disease that threatens humanity every year? Give it a rest already CDC and WHO. In 2 months nobody will remember this until the next great pandemic rolls into town.
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