Saturday, April 25, 2009


Better late than never I guess. I was planning on doing this earlier in the week but kept putting it off and the next thing you know it's 11 hours before the draft. Let me start by bragging a little. Last year I predicted the Seahawks would draft John Carlson. The year before I called Brandon Mebane. And the year before that I was successfully able to pick Kelly Jennings. This year it seems like it should be easier with the #4 pick, but I'm having a lot harder time for some reason. It just seems like they could go with about 5 different guys. The one thing I know for sure is that it won't be Mark Sanchez.

Surprisingly the Lions announced they have reached a deal with Matt Stafford. If Matt Millen was still there then Crabtree would have been a foregone conclusion. I guess 9 years in a row is enough for drafting a WR in the first round. And just let me go on record now as saying that Stafford will not amount to much. He reminds me a lot of Jeff George. He's a perfect pick for the hapless Lions.

Now, to the Seahawks at #4. Part of the problem is that I think there is a reasonable chance they will trade down even though the Broncos swear they have no interest in trading up. I guess the Redskins will have to come through for us. But in the event they are stuck in the spot, I think Aaron Curry is the epitome of the Ruskell player, but I have a hard time imagining that LB is a big enough need that we'd take him that high. And I KNOW QB isn't that much of a need. Which brings us to OT or WR. Eugene Monroe seems to be the concensus among the "experts" who think we'll go with an OT, but my gut tells me it will be Michael Crabtree. Logically it doesn't make as much sense as shoring up the line, but Jim Mora seems to have a man crush on him. I'd like to be able to trade down a few spots and pick up Andre Smith, but I don't think it will play out. You heard it here first - Crabtree.

In the second round I'm really hoping the Seahawks jump on Duke Robinson. The guy is a huge mauler at OG and will go a long way toward fixing the running game. I've seen him fall to the third round in some mock drafts, but I'd be concerned about waiting that long on him. I'd also love to see us take either Safety Patrick Chung or Rashad Johnson. If I never see Brian Russell on the field again for the Seahawks I'll be happy and either of these guys could easily step in and take his place. Ideally they'd be able to grab Chung in the 2nd and Robinson in the 3rd. So, I think the Seahawks will manage to pull off a trade to get an additional 2nd round pick and will take both guys.

The last guy I have my eye on is Glen Coffee. We could use another RB and he would be a great pick in the 5th or later round. And with a name like Coffee, where else would he go but Seattle? The lawyers for Starbucks are drawing up the paperwork for an endorsement deal as we speak.

Final random thoughts. BJ Raji intrigues me. He has the physical tools to be a monster, but seems to be a trouble maker and could be a huge bust. This tells me he's headed to either Cleveland or Denver. They seems to love guys like that. Percy Harvin looks like a bust to me and I wouldn't touch him. Sanchez is pretty overrated too. He could turn into a good pro, but he's going to take a lot of work and seems kind of risky for the top half of the first for me. Ron Brace is another guy to keep your eye on. If he falls to the third, he'd look good in a Seahawk uniform.

The Seahawks should be looking for a QB, but not until a later round. Even better, with rumors that the Browns and Redskins are considering drafting a QB, maybe we could trade for Jason Campbell, Derek Anderson, or Brady Quinn. They could all be available and would fit will in the Seahawks system. I kind of like Graham Harrell in a late round. Finally, stay away from John Parker Wilson. Not only was he ineffective at Alabama and as brought to my attention by PGT, no player who goes by 3 names has panned out.

It's late now, that's all for tonight.
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