Monday, April 06, 2009

Blackberry Creme Latte

Today, due to lots of sunshine and warm weather, I had to go wandering around outside at lunch time today. My journey's led me past a Seattle's Best Coffee, which I would normally just keep walking past since I think their coffee is the worst in Seattle, but I saw the blackberry creme latte sign in the window and I had no choice but to stop in and try it. I love blackberry. I love creme. And I love lattes. What could go wrong with that? Well, it was drinkable, but I thought it was too sweet and was disappointed that the blackberry flavors were a little muted. And at 480 calories for a 16 ounce, I believe it officially qualifies as a calorie bomb. I'm pretty sure it had more calories than the rest of my lunch. So the moral of the story is: I can't in good conscience recommend this beverage.
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