Sunday, January 31, 2010


With 3D movies all the rage, it stands to reason that talk of 3D tv shouldn't be far behind.  Surely, as soon as Avatar is released on blu ray, everyone will be clamoring for 3D tv.  Not so according to the Motley Fool.  Their argument is that between limited availability and high prices, it will take a few years before the technology gains a foot hold.  Personally, I don't understand why a specially designed television set would be necessary to watch 3D.  Why can't you just put on the dumb looking glasses and watch movies on a standard set?  Perhaps the new polarized glasses replacing the traditional red & green lenses require some additional coding in the television set.  A cursory search of the internet yielded no answers. 

The bigger question in my mind is, is there really much demand for 3D tv sets?  Sure it's a novelty to watch a movie in a theater, but I personally don't imagine myself wanting to spend much time watching 3D movies & tv at home.  Avatar was a long enough movie that I was growing weary of wearing the glasses toward the end.  I don't really have a desire to spend a great deal of time watching 3D programming.  One caveat being that I would really like to watch sports in 3D, that of course being in the situation that I haven't watched sports in 3D yet. 

In related news, Tinto Brass, known for directing the controversial film Caligula, has announced that he would like to be the first director to film an adult movie in 3D.  You knew that sooner or later the opportunity would arise to see some double Ds in 3D.  I'm just a little surprised that the announcement came so soon.
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