Sunday, March 01, 2009

This Is Why You're Fat

Thanks go out to Brandon for letting me know about This is why you're fat. If you haven't seen this site before, it's you're one stop on the web for all things gluttonous. If there is a food that has been wrapped in bacon, deep fried, or wrapped in bacon then deep fried, then this site has it. I'm not sure if the intended effect is to shock me with the calorie bombs found here, but I'm drooling over some of the concoctions. I wouldn't have a moments hesitation before devouring a Lankford's Gluttoneer - a half pound prime rib/sirloin/rib eye patty, american cheese, onions, maple bacon, hot link sausage, ketchup and honey mustard. But for me, nothing looks tastier than the bacon wrapped meatloaf with a layer of mac & cheese in the middle. Is there anyone out there who can honestly tell me that doesn't look delicious?

But this is only the beginning of my foray into the bacon arts. I can't remember if I mentioned the bacon explosion already or not, but I want to eat one of these more than anything in the world. I'm too impatient to make one myself, but I am really hoping that someone else will make one and be kind enough to let me sample the heart stopping goodness. 2 pounds of bacon and 2 pounds of sausage smothered in BBQ sauce and slowly smoked to perfection. I'm pretty sure that's what God eats for breakfast up in heaven every morning.

I also have found my new hero. I assume inspired by Morgan Spurlock in Supersize Me, Michael J Nelson of Mystery Science Theater 3000 fame embarked on a quest to eat nothing but bacon for the month of February. Did his heart explode? Did he make it the whole month without eating anything else? As of now, those questions still have not been satisfactorily answered, but never the less, this is an ambitious undertaking. I can honestly say that I don't think there is any way I could limit my diet to just bacon, or just one food of any kind for a month.

Finally, my journey of bacon discovery led me to As demonstrated here, this fine web site will put a succulent strip of hickory smoked goodness across any web site of your choosing. This brilliant creation allows you to make even the most offensive web site palatable.
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