Sunday, October 05, 2008

Weather Woes

I'm normally disappointed when the summer ends and the weather turns cold and rainy, but after the miserable summer we had this year, I've found the fall to be particularly difficult to stomach. I just now realized how bad it was when I turned on the tv to find the local weather forecast in progress. I saw the extended forecast which called for cold weather and rain for the next five days, and the first thing I heard out of the weatherman's mouth was, "you will see some frost in some areas." This prompted a somewhat irrational response from me. I immediately pointed at the tv and said, "f#$% you!" Yes I realize this is irrational because a) the weatherman obviously can't hear me, and b) it's obviously not his fault that the weather has turned crappy. I say it's only somewhat irrational because, well, I got distracted for a minute there and can't remember my reasoning why anymore. Trust me, it was logical and irrefutable though. And I can hardly be blamed for that reaction to the unpleasant weather. I need a vacation somewhere warm....
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