Monday, June 15, 2009

Klingon Pimp

In a rare, 2 brilliant idea day, I've just decided that as soon as I learn the Klingon word for pimp, I will make a fortune by supervising a stable of Star Trek costumed call girls. After seeing this slide show, I realized that there are a whole multitude of dateless computer programmers with plenty of disposable income who are dying for the opportunity to live out their Captain Kirk fantasy of scoring with a green alien chick. Without this service, most of these poor men will never know the touch of a woman. Most will never even know what a woman's voice sounds like when she's not disgusted. A few discrete, well placed signs at each Star Trek convention is all it will take.

Once this idea takes off, I have plans to expand to medieval fair attendees and World of Warcraft players. I'm having business cards printed up right now.
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