Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hot For Teacher

Upon hearing news that Miss Georgia 2009 - Kristina Higgins relinquished her title a day after winning after learning that her duties would interfere with her job as a middle school teacher, all I could think is why in the world didn't I have any teachers that looked even remotely like this when I was a student. Perhaps I would have enjoyed school had there been teachers of this caliber. I will even go so far as to say that this started a chain reaction of hating school which culminated in my dropping out of college and ultimately led to me being an underpaid, unappreciated peon at a lowly job. Had I been inspired by such a dedicated teacher, I most likely would have my PHD by now and would have either cured cancer or invented a can that keeps beverages cold longer or something. One thing is certain and that is that I would undoubtedly be more pretentious and unbearable than I already am. And now the world must suffer for the failure of the educational system to stimulate my, um, intellect. I weep for the future of America as a result.
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