Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter Wonderland

I really love snow on the water. So much so that I'm on the verge of breaking into my own rendition of Deep Purple. There's something surreal about ducks walking around on a lake. Anyway, I got a little cabin fever today and decided to take a walk up to the grocery store. I didn't need anything but wanted to get out and see the snow covered neighborhood and also check out the streets and assess how likely it will be for me to be able to get to work tomorrow. The roads were pretty snowy, but traffic was moving along slowly. It's snowed another 2 or 3 inches since then and there's more to come overnight so I think there's a good chance I'll be staying home tomorrow. I wouldn't mind extending my vacation a bit longer.

Here's another angle of the lake out in front of my place.

The waterfall hasn't frozen over yet but still looks pretty cool surrounded by snow and icicles.

On the stroll up to the store, I saw that some people had been sledding down the stairs, effectively turning them into a toboggan run. The only mishap on the journey occurred on the way home when I slipped on said stairs. I broke my chips and some peanut brittle along with them. Of course peanut brittle comes broken, but I did crunch it up a bit more. I'm pretty proud of myself for holding onto my phone and not hanging up during the ordeal. Obviously the camera came through unscathed as well. Stay tuned for more adventures.
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