Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Active Park Assist

Ford's new active park assist was officially announced today. By 2012, 90% of Ford vehicles will be able to parallel park themselves. As a man, I obviously have no problem parallel parking and do not need such technology, but for the other half of the population this should be welcome news. All joking aside, I actually heard about this from the Boy (aka my younger brother) about a year ago. I don't remember if he worked on this while working for Ford or if he just knew people that did. I do know that he argued in favor of incorporating the blind spot monitoring and luckily that has been included. Also interesting is that according to this article, they will be switching from a traditional hydraulic power steering system to an electronic power steering system which should improve fuel economy. Hopefully this will help pull the company out of it's downward spiral and any risk of bankruptcy.
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