Saturday, December 13, 2008

First Snowfall of the Winter

Last night I got home from some pleasant weather in Vegas (60's - not hot but I could wear shorts most of the time) to find that the cold weather has finally struck. It's been snowing lightly here off and on for several hours. It's very slowly piling up - it looks like about half an inch at the moment - but I'm hoping to wake up to a few inches. I love snow. It's so pure and clean, and until enough foot and auto traffic has been on it, it covers all that is dirty and filthy in the world. And if it clears up enough, there's very little in this world than viewing a fresh blanket of snow on a moonlit night. The sparkling is magical. So even if it's just for a day or two, I'm pleased to see the snow.

I've still got one more week off work, so I'd be happy to see the snow remain for a little while. I have some classes to take in downtown Bellevue, so hopefully the traffic won't be prohibitive, but even if we get a huge dumping, I'll manage.

I've been pretty exhausted and stressed out in recent weeks (and months I guess) and hopefully 2 weeks of vacation will be enough to recharge my batteries somewhat and get my psyche a little more in order. A week in Vegas and a week of insurance classes isn't the most relaxing vacation, but it's better than 2 weeks in the office. At least the first week of vacation has been enough to get me posting again.
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