Friday, February 25, 2011


Today I decided I wanted to try one of the burgers at Grubstake that I'd seen advertised on this sign on the corner.  I risked life and limb walking down to the waterfront to get the aforementioned burger and nearly died of hypothermia and may have lost a few fingers and an ear to frostbite, I won't know for sure until later.  Anyway, I arrived at the sign and quickly followed the finger pointing the way and walked into the pier only to find The Crab Pot, and oyster bar, and an ice cream stand, none of which appealed to me.  Nowhere to be seen was a place called The Grubstake, and nowhere to be seen where any burgers.  The place also has a glowing review on Yelp, so the evidence at hand leads me to believe it really exists, but the one question I have is where the hell is it?  If this were a hot dog place, nobody would care if it couldn't be found, however burgers are on the line here people.  That's something you don't joke around about, particularly when you're throwing around adjectives like 'best'.  I demand to know where this place is hiding, or else I demand that entire pier be sunk into the sea and forgotten for generations in retaliation for their misleading signage.  This will not stand.  Where's my burgers, damn it!
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