Thursday, February 17, 2011

AM Radio

This has nothing to do with the Everclear song, rather it is in regards to the quandary I find myself in these days.  I used to have my alarm clock set to KZOK in the mornings and I would awaken to the Bob Rivers Show.  A few months ago, however, Bob and company left the station following a contract dispute leaving me in search of a new radio show to listen to in the mornings.  Truth be told, the Bob Rivers Show had been in steady decline anyway with Bob increasingly turning into a grumpy old man.  Still, I have had a great deal of difficulty finding a suitable replacement. 

For a while I tried listening to Kent & Allen on KPLZ, and while they are quite enjoyable gentlemen, the music selection on that station is insufferable.  Next I switched to 104.9 KFNK with the knowledge that at least I could wake up to some enlightening heavy metal.  Again, tragedy befell me when the station inexplicably changed formats to become GenX, an eclectic mix of music from the early 90s, most of which I'd forgotten and wish I'd never been reminded of. 

Following these disasters, I returned to KISW, which I had defected from years ago when they made the unfortunate decision to hire BJ Shea, since I knew I would at least like the music.  The problem, though, is that BJ is a loud mouthed jackass who feels that hiding behind the guise of unfiltered honesty gives him license to be an overbearing jerk.  He spends half the morning shouting and, as luck would have it, that's also his preferred debate technique:  if you shout so loud that the other guy can't get a word in edgewise, you'll never lose an argument.  And either he frequently plays the devil's advocate or he is just dumb as hell.  And the rest of the morning crew is no better.  There is one guy whose job, it seems, is to cackle like a hyena at everything that is said, whether it was meant to be funny or not.  I just can't stand it anymore. 

So again I find myself in need of a decent radio station to wake up to.  I've tried a few other miscellaneous stations, but either I can't stand the music or I can't stand the on air personalities.  I don't need a morning "show", I would be perfectly happy to have nothing but music.  I don't think I've tried KJAQ, maybe that's the solution.  If not, then the logical next step is to turn off the alarm and just show up for work whenever I happen to wake up.  At least until I get fired and don't need to get up at any specific time anymore.  So I'm open to suggestions.  The degree of difficulty being that I can't stand rap, pop, or country. 
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