Thursday, February 03, 2011


After discussing former local sports radio personality New York Vinnie today and thinking about how grating New York accents are to listen to, I got to thinking, what is the worst accent to listen to?  As much as I dislike New York accents, I will readily admit that they don't come close to being as annoying as Boston accents.  What makes Boston accents worse is that Mass holes are the ones behind the accents.  It isn't enough that the inability to pronounce the letter 'r' is an assault on your ears, the words chosen by your average Bostonian are even more offensive.  I've never been fond of Russian accents, and since I'm typically unable to tell the difference, I'm throwing Ukranian, Armenian, and several other Russian sounding accents into the same category.  I don't care much for the thick Southern accent either, but it's not nearly as bad as the previous accents.  And since I still have some relatives in Alabama I shouldn't disparage it too much.  Those are the only ones currently coming to mind that I don't care for, so I guess for me it's a toss up between Russian and Boston and it's kind of a day to day decision.  At the moment I'm feeling like Boston accents are the worst though.
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